Is the perfect diary liquid foundation good?

Because I have dry skin that is often dehydrated, in order to present a moist and natural makeup, when choosing a liquid foundation, I deliberately chose the perfect diary liquid foundation with moisturizing effect. The water-to-milk ratio in this liquid foundation has been carefully desig

A lot of easy-to-use domestic make-up has gradually been recognized by friends. Recently, the perfect diary foundation has been planted and brushed the most. There are also many girls asking whether the perfect diary foundation is good or not, because it is said on the Internet that this cheap liquid foundation can kill many big brands in seconds, so is the perfect diary foundation good? The editor will personally evaluate whether the perfect diary liquid foundation is good or not.

It should not be too heavy, and the refreshing feeling and moisturizing degree can reach a certain balance, that is, it is refreshing and can not make the dry area pick up powder.
My skin tone: Pink and white, combination dry skin. The nose has slight pores. The skin tone is uneven and dull, and the base makeup is generally the whitest. I prefer moisturizing and light base makeup, so the color number I chose this time is B00.

First of all, the matte texture of the packaging makes me feel that this foundation is cheap but not cheap, and it is still very advanced in my hand. The design of the push-type pump head is very considerate, take as much as you use, and it is clean and hygienic without wasting.

How to apply makeup: After moisturizing and moisturizing, I use a wet semi-dry makeup egg to apply makeup (pressing method). Many people also use a foundation brush. Here, it is recommended for babies with dry skin. Makeup eggs are more docile, and don't apply essence before makeup! Otherwise, the follow-up makeup will be easily mottled!

Texture: In fact, I have tried many of its products before, such as mascara, lip glaze, and air cushion, and the feeling of each use can exceed expectations.
The liquid foundation did not disappoint me this time. The texture of the liquid foundation is quite moisturizing, the fluidity is very good, and there is no mottled situation.

Concealer: The concealer effect is good for me, because there is no acne on the skin, redness and blemishes can be covered. If you have blemish skin then you still have to use concealer. But in general, I think such a light foundation has such a good coverage!

Color number: The color number I bought is c10, which is the whitest. It will not be false white on the face. It is white but not heavy, and it is very close to the Chinese skin tone. Correspondingly, the covering power is not very strong. It is suitable for skin that is flat on the face and does not need strong covering. If you want a more natural look, you can enter b20.

Durability: It is very similar to Japanese base makeup. It is more beautiful with the night. It feels like a snowflake when applied, shiny and moisturizing. The makeup lasts for about 6 hours, and it will be slightly dull, so you need to touch up the foundation. But it is easy to rub it all over the place, and the screen of the mobile phone is full of powder when answering a call.

Cons: Every foundation has certain flaws, and the Perfect Diary foundation is no exception. This product has added preservatives and flavors. Although there are no serious allergenic ingredients, it is recommended to do a sensitivity test before use if you are more sensitive.

This perfect diary foundation is not only affordable, but also contains many effective skin care ingredients. It will not burden the skin, but the makeup effect is poor and the makeup is heavy. Friends who pursue light makeup and dry skin should choose carefully.


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