To get good mascara on perfect diary

Mascara is a cosmetic applied to the eyelashes, which belongs to make-up cosmetics, and its main function is to color the eyelashes.Today I want to share with you a mascara from Perfect Diary.


The waterproof effect of this perfect diary mascara is also very good, it is not easy to smudge, and there is no problem with makeup all day long. It is not afraid of water, sweat, and oil. It is also suitable for summer use.In addition to the classic black and brown, it also has a lovely berry color, as well as a smart blue, which is very special and suitable for different clothes and makeup.The brush head is thick and different in size on both sides. The thick side can be close to the root of the eyelashes to brush the eyelashes more evenly. mascara.
Perfect Diary Mascara is a compact brush head with innovative thixotropic technology that quickly softens and wraps lashes without clumping when applied. It is suitable for brushing the lower eyelashes, perfect diary mascara is very smooth, and the effect of lengthening is also good. Accurately captures each eyelash, and can brush the length and small lower eyelashes more carefully, the roots are distinct and naturally slender.
How to use perfect diary mascara?This Perfect Diary mascara is very good, and it is indeed a word-of-mouth product. The price/performance ratio is really great, if the baby who is prone to dizziness can apply a layer of eyelash raincoat, so that it is not easy to make up. I have used Innisfree's thin tube mascara before, which is very similar to this one, but the amount is very small, why do I feel that it dries up after a few uses.
Perfect Diary Mascara was recommended by Lin Yun at first, but the reputation has gotten better and better. I also bought it and tried it out. It is really super easy to use! No fly legs, super long eyelashes! Brush out sunflowers easily! Its staying power is also very strong, there is no makeup after a day, it is highly recommended

Waterproof is water proof. It can prevent tears, rain and water in the swimming pool. It is suitable to bring a waterproof mascara when going on vacation. However, waterproof mascara is usually difficult to remove and needs to be removed with a special eye remover. So the little fairies must use special eye and lip removers for their eyes.


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